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Pack of Core Jackals


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The Pack of Core Jackals

An organization,Dream Sharing, has offered to support and feed with daily doses of empathy any Core Jackals that can be identified and located. People who can locate a Core Jackal are invited to offer them to the Core Jackal Pack where they can receive the love and empathy they need and deserve.

Any giraffes who happen to visit this pack are invited to offer the pack any empathy they might be able to spare. In particular , giraffe visitors are encouraged to offer private empathy to the person(s) who were previous owners of any particular core jackal.

Owners of core jackals are invited to donate their jackals to this pack where they will be taken care of. Just use the help pages to learn how to use a Wiki and then add your jackal to our pack. You can note your previous ownership of your jackal or stay anonymous as you wish. If you notice that some-one else also owned one of your core jackals, feel free to add your own name as a previous owner.

Your contributions of core jackals to this pack will be deeply appreciated by all.

Jackal Name Need(s) Owner(s) Empathetic Response
I am not OK Self-Worth John
I can't do relationships autonomy John
Nobody Loves me Love John, Niklas
I can't do anything right protection John
I need a woman to make me happy companionship John,Niklas
You shouldn't ask for empathy because
you don't deserve it
Support,Empathy John,Niklas
I shouldn't trust people who tell me how
loving they are.
Trust Niklas
If I receive I have to give something back. Mutuality, Trust, Empathy Niklas
I should be critical about what
others think.
Trust, Clarity, Connection Niklas
I need sex. Love, Intimacy, Flow of giving/receiving,
Connection, Community
I am a hypocrite, why am I teaching NVC if I cannot use it at home. Support, Integrity, Understanding Bo,John
I will never get there....
When will I become competent?
Efficiency, Support, Reassurance Bo
Who cares about being certified anyways? Clarity Bo
I am not good enough! Efficiency, Appreciation Bo,John
No one will ever love me Appreciation Bo
When will I know enough (to be certified, to get long teaching contracts, etc.). Clarity Bo
You are stupid Effectiveness John
Women with raised voices must
be obeyed immediately
Safety John Do you feel scared when women shout at you
because you would like safety and respect?
I am not good enough Respect ? M
I am too good Humility ? M
No one likes me Appreciation,Respect,Community John When you are feeling lonely, do you wish more people would connect with you?
Only a few people will come to my class Respect,Be Seen John, Do you feel sad when believe that only a few people will show up for your classes because you would like to be more successful?
I am in danger if I express myself fully. Security, trust Yan-Christoph Do you feel scared when you express yourself openly cos you need to feel safe?
Lonely Connection, Community, Respect John Are you feeling alone so you want to be connected and in community?
Your Jackal's Name Its need Your Name
Your Jackal's Name Its need Your Name
Your Jackal's Name Its need Your Name

To offer empathy by e-mail to a jackal owner, click on the owner's name, then on the next screen on the left side bar, click on "send e-mail".

Note to new users. If you don't feel comfortable entering your jackal's into the pack table, just list them here and the cleaners will tidy them up and help them join the rest of the pack

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