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Health Matters


My most useful webpage is at http://serenity.peaceeaseuse.com

My old, obsolete and slowly being retired wiki is here.

My current main Autonomic Nervous System site is at http://www.peaceeaseuse.com  and needs some cleaning up.
My obsolete website on the Autonomic System is at http://www.livingcoherently.com

A preview of a paper I am preparing for scientific publication is   at htttp://preview.twelvesteppers.org.

An article I am preparing for the GrapeVine is at http://article.peaceeaseuse.com. Call me for the password.

Coaching stuff can be found at http://www.compassionatecoaching.us
Corona Virus stuff can be found at http://coronavirus.mudie.info
Twelve Step writings can be found at http://twelvesteppers.org

In early 202I1 I experienced a lot of difficult using Siteground.com as they stopped using cPanel and started using another system, which I could not figure out how to use. So started to develop new pages on GoDaddy which still uses cPanel. Information on how I try to use GoDaddy is here

MYtwo main sites on GoDaddy are;

http://www.johnmudie.site which has sensible sites related to me

http://www.donquixote.website which has beginning to have my bizarre notions, ideas and illusions, my own versions of castles and damsels in distress

This page can be reached at http://home.mudie.info